Over a decade since the establishment of GBF Consulting service in January 2015 as a local consulting company based in Tanzania, we have continued to expand our global network while providing high valued consulting services that assist our clients in expanding their business operations and a global basis. We strive to create a “Real Partner” for our clients. Our expertise touch base on providing Business Consultation, Business Investment, Business Development Services, Business Expertise, Business Expansion, Basic Life Skills, Business Technical Skills, and Business Practical

Our Vision as Consultancy Company

Once partnered, we will forever be your Real Partner. Tanzania being the origin but global is our scope, we are not bound by any stereotypical globalization strategy. Instead, we take the utmost advantage of the characteristics of our clients.

Our Mission

Is to bring success to our clients and ensure growth at different heights and levels, continuously contribute toward enhancing corporate value, care for people and deliver results through creativity and innovation.

Our Core values

With our eyes on a common future and sharing the pleasure of success together as real partners, we are honest and passionate in our consulting work as we seek our clients’ real needs for change.

Client-Centric – Love for our clients

Power of Diversity – Outstanding professionalism

Collaboration/ Collegiality - Team Strength

New Global Dimension – Original Global Outlook



GBFS demonstrates its superior expertise in every facet of its work. This includes Industrial solutions, service Line, and global and Regional Service provision. We offer optimal and high-quality solutions to all our clients.


Our solutions are supported by our deep insight into various industries and our diversified yet expensive experience acquired over the years from supporting our clients as partners in their business transformation. We offer industry solutions that address the unique challenges of our client's industry and business and meet their needs in various markets.


Our service line expertise has a lineup of experienced specialists and provides unique and practical comprehensive services in each area, including corporate strategies, business development, business restructuring, business implementation, operating and maintaining IT systems. We solve the challenges faced by our clients with seamless and end-to-end services and vigorous endorse business transformation.


We have four (4) regional offices in Tanzania, development centers, and outsourcing centers, and are truly respectful of the intrinsic values and business practices of the respective areas and localities. We provide optimum solutions to our clients in every region and help ensure their regional and global success.