GBFS is a registered business that deals with the General Supply of different materials for companies, schools, Defense Forces, Government Departments, and others.

The list of items undersupplies includes and is not limited to Computer and their Accessories, Stationery Materials, Security Wears, Uniforms, Safety Gears & Clothing, Safety Equipment & Accessories, Promotional Items, electrical equipment, machinery, and equipment, etc. Our mission is to supplement product excellence with outstanding service and competitive pricing.

Apart from an extensive product range, including affordable brands, we are more than prepared to go the extra mile by supplying customized products that meet all client requirements. Our aim is to build fruitful, long-lasting, and mutually beneficial relationships with corporate entities by meeting niche client requirements through experience, input, and ideas.

With unwavering perseverance and intransigent commitment to quality, service, and cost-effectiveness, GBFS is dedicated to enhancing our reputation as one of the leading suppliers in the workwear, corporate clothing & safety wear industries in Tanzania and in East Africa.


Inherent strengths that elevate GBFS to the position of the reliable and trustworthy business partner include:-

  1. No minimum order quantity
  2. Quality proven product
  3. Wide distribution network
  4. Superior warehousing facilities
  5. Excellent logistics support ensures
  6. Timely deliveries and convenience for our customers
  7. Competitive pricing
  8. High business flexibility


The GBFS team of professionals - charged with the onerous task of building a lasting relationship between the buyer and the seller- guarantees a tireless dedication to detail as far as product quality is concerned.